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Friends of oldtime music & Dance

"Dedicated to the preservation of Oldtime Music & Dance"

Before Radio and TV, fiddles, banjos and guitars were being played throughout Appalachia and in the Southeastern states by people gathered on front porches and in homes to make their own fun. These people passed on an enduring repertoire of tunes and musical styles which are still alive and well.

Today players from all over the U.S. gather regularly, playing old and newly composed tunes in the style now referred to as Oldtime Stringband Music.

The Friends of Oldtime Music & Dance  are a group of oldtime musicians from The Jackson Area  who gather frequently to share in the fellowship that is oldtime music. . . and one things for  certain. . . it's always fun for both musicians and anyone within ear-shot.  

The group is made of oldtime musicians from all walks of life. . . engineers, teachers, policemen, businessmen, secretaries. . . all with one thing in common. . . a passion for traditional oldtime string music. 

The group entertains for many local charity events and fundraisers, nursing homes and churches, barndances and other events throughout the area. 

Their purpose is to share their love of traditional oldtime string music and to preserve and promote our heritage music and dance for future generations to come.

Their music is composed of oldtime fiddle and banjo tunes, traditional ballads, oldtime gospel, and of course the occasional looney-tune here and there.  

If you are interested in having us for your next event, please contact us at  [email protected], or call / text 731-935-4069. 

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Sample Videos :

Indiana Tour Group @ West Alley BBQ, Jackson

Green Frog Farm Barndance  -  Virginia Reel

First Baptist Church, Lexington - Fall Festival

Chickasaw Barndance - Chickasaw State Park

Arts in McNairy - Selmer, Tn.

Arts in McNairy - Selmer, Tn.

Oak Grove United Methodist Church